Veka PVC windows and doors

For over ten years Our company has been using PVC profiles provided by the international market leader VEKA.

In this way we are able to offer you window and door systems that are made of the only profiles that can fully satisfy your needs and meet your expectations:

Alphaline PVC 


Product description:

  • 6-chamber system with triple glazing panels;
  • good combustion resistance (combusts at 4500C), self extinguishing;
  • 100% recyclable and lead free;
  • design flair and excellent thermal insulation;
  • reduction of energy use and heating costs;
  • more comfort thanks to great insulation against noise;
  • long lasting and highly resistant to chemical corrosion and weathering;
  • won't stretch or suffer from colour migrations;
  • smooth anti-static surfaces, hygienic and easy to maintain.


Technical Characteristics:

  • 6-chamber profile with a basic overall depth of 90 mm;
  • minimum wall thickness 3mm (class A+);
  • lightly rounded edges and sight lines 108-177 mm of which can be used for making tilt and turn windows, turn windows, casement windows, parallel tilt and slide windows, single or multi sash, fixed or combined;
  • structural integrity and operational reliability thank to the 1.5 mm steel-reinforcement;
  • the three-layer gasket system offers a reliable protection against cold, draughts and damp;
  • the deep glazing rebate allows a glazing thickness of between 24 and 50 mm for sash and outer frame;
  • high quality, modern glazing system, with two or three glazing panels that confer a great overall heat transfer coefficient of up to 0.8 m2*K/W.
Effectline PVC




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