Schuco Aluminium Systems

Synergy Windows and Doors collaborates with the market leader Schuco for the execution of works with exquisite designs and special architectural requirements. Schuco

We use the most modern and efficient systems existing on the market to ensure the highest quality of our products and the most impressive visual impact. We raise to the expectations of our customers who seek uniqueness and originality.


Schuco AWS 50 for Windows


  • non-thermally insulated windows system
  • Basic depth of 50 mm
  • narrow face widths
  • flush-fitted vents


schuco aws 50

Schuco AWS 60 for Windows


  • good thermal insulation with a basic depth of 60mm
  • wide range of accessories
  • burglar resistance security
  • versatile allowing multiple creative designs
schuco aws 60

Schuco AWS 70.HI for Windows


  • High quality energy-saving window system
  • 70mm basic width
  • improved thermal insulation with Uf = 1.7 W/m2k
  • wide range of profiles, including special designs
schuco aws 70

Schuco AWS 50.NI for Doors


  • Non thermally insulated doors system
  • 50mm basic depth
  • narrow face widths
  • flush-fitted vents
schuco ads

Schuco AWS 60 for Doors


  • good thermal insulation
  • Basic depth of 50 mm
  • economical entrance solution
  • barrel hinges with three directional adjustment
schuco aws 60

Schuco AWS 70.HI for Doors


  • Outstanding thermal insulation Uf = 1.89 W/m2k
  • 70mm basic width offering a high degree of stability
  • burglar resistance security up to WK2
  • Can be integrated in the building management system
cshuco aws 70.hi

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