G-U Fittings

G-U Fittings

Synergy Windows and Doors is partner of Gretsch-Unitas (G.U.) group, offering a complete range of fittings and security systems for doors and windows: GU Fittings


UNI-JET Tilt-turn fitting system

Tilt-turn fitting system UNI-JET for your home security

  • sash weight up to 130 kg;
  • sash width: 280-1600 mm;
  • sash height: 350-2450 mm;
  • 15 000 open/close cycles;
  • optimum corrosion protection due to ferGUard*silver coating;
  • all adjustments with Torx;
  • all locking points are provided with steel mushroom pins;
  • stylish hinge design.



  • single and double sash windows and doors;
  • single and double sash windows and doors without mullion;
  • single sash doors with locking system;
  • double sash doors without mullion and with locking system;
  • round arch head and oblique angle head windows.


Uni Jet

uni jet security

EUROPA G4 multipoint lock

  • similar locking position for G.U.-SECURY and SECURY EUROPA;
  • identical lock cases - a major advantage for an efficient manufacture;
  • simple and efficient assembly due to similar dimensions of case heads;
  • stock savings: identical accessories for G.U.-SECURY and SECURY EUROPA;
  • completely sealed lock case - no foreign matter can obstruct the easy operation;
  • all through holes in the lock case are equipped with sleeves - swarf cannot damage the gear;
  • the dimensions of the lock case comply with German DIN 18251 measurements;
  • optimum protection against corrosion due to the surface sealing ferGUard*silver



  • entrance doors for houses and apartments;
  • exit doors.


EUROPA G4 multipoint lock

Slide - fold fittings

slide fold fittings
  • sash weight up to 80 kg;
  • slide-fold units with 3-7 sashes;
  • top or bottom running.


Parallel slide and tilt fittings

Parallel slide and tilt fittings
  • sash weight up to 200 kg;
  • tilt function optional.


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