SGG Planitherm 4S Glazing

The glass used by our company in the process of making PVC and aluminium windows comes from the prestigious producer Saint-Gobain.

SGG PLANITHERM 4S glass is a clear glass that ensures both increased thermal insulation and solar control. This way, you enjoy the perfect room temperature and enhanced visual comfort all year round. The new concept glazing provides a pleasant living environment, while the light reflection properties transform any room into an elegant interior.

ADVANTAGES: year round comfort


Forget about bad weather with SGG PLANITHERM 4S glazing.
This time of year the SGG PLANITHERM 4S double glazing offers:
- increased comfort;
- reduced heating costs.



Thanks to its solar control function the SGG PLANITHERM 4S glass reflects up to 100% more solar light than a traditional double glazing system, without any other supplementary protection. This means:
- reduced cooling costs;
- thermal comfort and furniture protection.



SGG PLANITHERM 4S glazing makes the transition to the cold season unnoticeable. Due to its insulation properties, the effects of temperature drop are diminished, thus offering:
- enhanced comfort;
- reduced costs.


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The double SGG PLANITHERM 4S glazing offers a heat insulation level three times higher than any other double glazing system. This means:
- comfort and warm;
- major money savings with heating costs.



Used in combination with other types of glass, SGG PLANITHERM 4S can perform various functions, such as: noise insulation, protection for people and goods, self cleaning.


The SGG PLANITHERM 4S glazing can be used with any type of window system and it is ideal for both new constructions and renovated ones. Its characteristics make it suitable for both the residential sector (houses and apartment blocks), and non-residential sector (office buildings, hotels and restaurants, shopping centres, schools and conservatories).

The SGG PLANITHERM 4S glazing is a perfect match for any type of window system: PVC, wood, aluminium, mixed.

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