PVC Accessories

PVC interior window boards

Used on the inside, the window boards are not only an element of style, but also an efficient method of protecting the window ledge against humidity and impacts. They are built to last in time, thanks to the PVC plate's cell structure, which ensures high level of strength and durability.

The remarkable quality of the jamb surface makes it retain its original appearance for a long period of time, under conditions of intensive use.

The installation of the PVC window boards is achieved in three possible ways: by adhesion, by placing it directly on the binder or by screw grip.

The advantages of the PVC interior window boards:

  • resistance to humidity and intensive use;
  • dimension stability, it doesn't change it's colour or it's form as a result of weather or other operating forces;
  • easy maintenance;
  • no dyeing is necessary.


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Aluminium exterior window boards

Due to their remarkable strength and design, the aluminium exterior window boards efficiently complete the PVC and aluminium insulation systems.

The aluminium window boards protect the windows sides of walls and façade of your house against weather, water and dirt.

The lateral closing elements (solid plastic caps, UV rays resistant) prevent coating deterioration at board extremities.

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